Our Philosophy

What we believe about children and learning:

  • Childhood is an essential and unique stage of human development to be valued for its present importance and not just as preparation for adulthood.
  • Each child and family is unique and should be respected for who they are.
  • Children learn best in a community in which they are safe and valued, their physical needs are met, and they feel psychologically secure.
  • Children need to develop a sense of self-worth and feelings of competence.
  • The social, emotional, cognitive, physical, linguistic, creative, and spiritual areas of development are equally important.
  • Growth and development occur at varying rates for children.
  • Children learn through active involvement with developmentally appropriate materials. Play is the essential way in which children learn.
  • Children must learn respect for others and appreciation of differences among people and cultures.
  • Children must learn the skills necessary to cooperate with and interact with others.
  • We must help children learn to make decisions and to accept responsibility for those decisions.
  • Relationships between teachers and children must be based upon trust, respect, and love.
  • Each child is a child of God and will first understand God's love through the love shown by caring adults.